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are you scene?

Bang Bang. Guns go Bang.
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bang__im_scene is a rating community. Be sure to read all of the rules before you even bother to apply.

Current Theme! Dress up like a celebrity!! If you're applying then by posting a picture that goes along with our theme you get one yes!

Heres the application. Fill it all out.</center>

Your mods are..

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Livejournal screen name- _____analog
Aim screen name- keepitquiet x
Yahoo ID- fireatwillx
Favorite Band- The Weakerthans

Livejournal screen name- _____1251
Aim screen name- heart attackxxxx
Yahoo ID- ianxcurtis
Favorite Band- Thursday

hellokitty91876 for stealing our banners! then denying it, grow up kids.

ascarinthesky09 for voting on people without posting an application first.